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Sign In Visitor

Sign In Visitor Fuji xerox Business centre Mid North Coast SignIn Visitor is a simple way to digitally manage visitors, contractors and staff within your business. 

Replace expensive, clunky and unsecure paper-based processes with a quick, intuitive, digital solution.


Intuitive Touch Screen to SignIn & Out

Welcome your guests with a highly professional, easy-to-navigate sign-inprocess using the digital tablet.The memory feature can populate details of returning guests, saving them time.


Access to Staff Directory

SignIn integrates with Active Directory,allowing visitors to contact staff directly


Electronic ID Labels

Forget paper-based badges and pins; this solution instantly prints ID labels. The label includes a unique barcode, which visitors scan to sign out.


Timesheets, Visibility & Reporting

The Timesheets module can integrate withexisting ID proximity cards to allow staff toclock in/out with seamless integration.


Demo Video: Click here 


  • Integrated phone directory
  • Contractor sign-in & induction
  • Notification for visitor arrival via email & optional sms
  • Notifications for evacuation alarm
  • All hardware, software, installation & training
  • Standard or customised terms & conditions
  • Uncapped usage
  • Branded & customised interface
  • Visitor photo captured & printed on ID badge
  • Cloud hosting (for risk/ data loss prevention)


Admin Web Portal

  • One click fire evacuation
  • Cloud hosted data for visitorswho haven’t signed out
  • Customer site conditions
  • Reporting & search capability
  • Export to CSV or XML file 


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Q: What’s the architecture of Sign-in Visitor Solution?

A: It is a Server / Client software implementation. The server software manages the data, the Client software provides the user interface. One server can theoretically host up to 255 clients, depending on server performance and enabled options


Q: How does Active Directory work?

A: The server software synchronises with AD via LDAP. The iPad in turn synchronises with the server software.


Q: Why is Wi-Fi required?

A: There are no supported Ethernet (LAN) connectivity options for iPads at this time, therefore Wi-Fi is required for communication between the iPad and the Server Software.


Q: What Wi-Fi security is used?

A: Any of the supported security methods available on both the Wi-Fi network and the iPad are possible.


Q: What protocol is used for communication between the iPad and the Server Software?

A: HTTP (80) or HTTPS (443)


Q: Does the solution stop if the Wi-Fi drops out?

A: No. The Client software can operate “Off Line”, and synchronises when the server becomes available next, however, label printing would be not possible if the connection was lost.


Q: Where is my data stored?

A: Data for the solution is stored in the database that is configured in the server software. This may be the internally supplied database, or an external database that the customer provides.If configured, data may also be stored in a cloud database (vmpcloud.com) for the purposes of emergency procedures. It is important to understand that this feature is “Off” by default, and would require activation to enable. This would be done in consultation with the client.


Q: How long is data stored for?

A: There is no data purged, therefore indefinitely


Q: Can I back up the configuration of an iPad

A: Yes – the client configuration can be backed up, and is stored on the server.It can then easily be deployed to a replacement device, or used as a template for rapid duplication.