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11 July 2018

Our Eco Manufacturing Centre sets us apart from the competition

Our Eco Manufacturing Centre sets us apart from the competition

In 1995 Fuji Xerox Co Ltd established a product recycling policy and was the first in the industry to introduce a product that incorporated reused parts. Since then the company has promoted more effective use of resources, placing priority on reuse. Fuji Xerox Co Ltd has a commitment to zero waste to landfill of recovered products. This involves collecting back from our customers our products that have reached their end-of-life, for reuse, remanufacturing and recycling.

Twenty-five years ago, Fuji Xerox Australia started remanufacturing and recycling at its Mascot site, then opened a dedicated remanufacturing centre in 2000. Since 2012 Fuji Xerox Australia has been achieving zero waste to landfill and our Eco Manufacturing Centre in Rosehill is remanufacturing approximately 30% of our spare parts requirements to the same tolerances as new parts.

Recently the Sydney and Wollongong dealerships sent staff along to see our industry leading Eco Manufacturing Centre first hand. This helps them talk about how Fuji Xerox is working to protect our environment now and into the future.

With government departments, local councils, schools and many companies now measuring their carbon footprint, they often have several tender questions related to environmental management. Fuji Xerox Co Ltd and Fuji Xerox Australia have a strong track record and continue to strive to minimise their environmental footprint giving you a competitive position in the tender process.

Our Australian Eco Manufacturing Centre is a point of difference for your discussions with customers. We are the only company with a dedicated remanufacturing centre in Australia. Tours can also be arranged for you and your customers.

Below are a couple of useful links for more information you can share with customers. Should you have any questions or like to organise a tour of our Eco Manufacturing Centre, please contact the Channels team.

More information on Fuji Xerox Australia’s product stewardship: https://www.fujixerox.com.au/en/Sustainability/Our-Environment/Product-Stewardship

Brochure on Fuji Xerox Co Ltd Integrated Recycling System https://channels.fxa.com.au/dsweb/View/Collection-24933

Information on our Eco Manufacturing Centre https://channels.fxa.com.au/dsweb/View/Collection-15463

¹Fuji Xerox defines zero waste to landfill as reuse or recycling of over 99.5 percent. Fuji Xerox Australia achieved 99.78 percent in 16/17