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6 December 2016

Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific Honored as Best Green Company of 2016 at Asia Corporate Excellence and Sustainability Awards

Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific Honored as Best Green Company of 2016 at Asia Corporate Excellence and Sustainability Awards

Fuji Xerox introduced the Challenge Eco No. 1 initiative to accelerate its progress in reducing environmental impact of their various business activities and at every stage of their products’ life-cycle. Challenge Eco No. 1 is a bottom-up approach to instill one of the Company’s Shared Values —Environmental Consciousness – in each Fuji Xerox employee as well as the entire value chain.

Fuji Xerox’s sustainability activities incorporate the company’s Genko Itchi principle to “walk the talk,” crucial to the company’s efforts in aiming to be a role model to their customers, partners, and other stakeholders. The company’s global sustainability commitment is to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions over the entire product life cycle by 30 percent (vs. fiscal 2005 levels) by 2020 and to lead its customers, partners and suppliers on sustainability issues.

Fuji Xerox has also implemented the Integrated Resource Recycling System to reuse and recycle parts across the document management and printing ecosystem, and provides leadership to the Asia Pacific business community by engaging its customers on what sustainability and reduced carbon footprint means.

“It is evident that Fuji Xerox runs its business operations while creating a positive environment impact and in pursuing global standards of a sustainable operating method,” said Mr. Hermant Batra, Chairman of Panel of Jury ACES Awards 2016 on the award selection. “The committee is further impressed of the well thought value chain that serves as the core of the business cycle eliminating waste and reducing environmental harm, which is both exemplary and inspiring.”

“The environment is our most important business partner and with a circular green business approach, all employees can create direct, meaningful and sustained environmental value on a daily basis at every stage of our value chain,” said Yaz Kuroha, General Manager, Management Quality Office, Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific. “Winning this award would not have been possible without the dedication, innovative thinking and hard work from every Fuji Xerox employee, and we will continue to challenge ourselves to do better. For us, sustainability has become a way of life.” 


About ACES Awards

The Asia Corporate Excellence & Sustainability Awards (ACES) recognises successful companies and individuals in Asia across two main domains; leadership and corporate social responsibility.

The awards value and recognise services and achievements of businesses, both large and small, national and international, for their esteemed contributions to their communities and the world. Through ACES, companies and its leaders share a platform to take pride of their excellence, to learn, to build connections, and exchange new ideas while showcasing Asia’s best practices for sustainable growth. MORS Group continuously strives to achieve its vision of championing an Asia that is flourishing, resilient, sustainable, and united with formidable esprit de corps among industry peers.

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