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1 September 2016

How To Choose The Best Colour Laser Printer For Small Business

How To Choose The Best Colour Laser Printer For Small Business


With office real estate at a premium, investing in a multi-functional device is a great way to free up expensive office space.

Today’s multi-functional devices are more than just A3 colour laser printers: they can also deliver high quality scans, take care of the occasional fax, and directly email your scans to anyone of your choosing.

Network Connectivity

This feature is a no-brainer for any small business. The ability to connect your colour laser printer to the office network allows for decentralised workgroup printing, and printing from multiple devices.

Print Quality

The quality of your print has a lasting impression on how others see your business. Times have changed and businesses need to consider that a strong global interest in technology has increased the expectation of what is commonly accepted as high-quality print. High quality printers should provide vivid colours and have a high dpi (Dots per Inch) resolution to accurately recreate life-like engaging media.

A3 Printing Versatility

Think big! Your ordinary A4 printers may be well-suited for the home, but your big ideas need to be communicated in larger formats. Blueprints, posters, foldable sales brochures: whatever your needs, the added ability to print in A3 will give your small business additional versatility in the assets you can produce.


Let’s think about productivity. Slow print speeds can interrupt workflow, and the time spent waiting for your printer to churn out your printed materials has a direct impact on your business’ profitability. Print speed is measured in pages per minute or PPM and can differ greatly between colour laser printers, so make sure to check those specifications carefully.

Running Cost

Smart businesses run efficiently and need to keep a tight lid on running costs. The cost of a printer is not just the initial cost of purchase, but the whole-of-life cost. This is most commonly referred to as cost per page or CPP. It includes the printer, servicing and all consumables needed to print a page. Don’t forget to compare any warranty or service plans as they can add unforseen costs.